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Here’s a Healthy and Fun Way to Engage All of Your Employees!

Employers often ask me for ideas around health, wellness, culture, engagement, and remote workers. Now there is a great opportunity to address all these needs with a single virtual event! The 2021 Tour de Cure Desert Southwest, put on by the American Diabetes Association, in October, has numerous advantages for employers and employees: It’s a […]

Dee Hock- Insights from a Visionary

Dee Hock is a visionary. He is most well known as the founder and head of VISA from 1970 to 1984. He is also an amazing thinker and writer. Over the last few months, I buckled down and read all his essays at http://www.deewhock.com/essays Heavy stuff! Here are points he made that most resonated for […]

Are You Ready for Some Serious Change?

“Only the mediocre are ever truly comfortable.” Paulo Coelho I love reading futurist literature. The article below is a must read wake up call for appreciating what is coming our way. Buckminster Fuller coined the phrase “accelerating acceleration” years ago. And it is upon us. This past year accelerated some of the changes already underway, […]

Seven Steps to Up Your Speaking Game

I am constantly trying to stay on top of my game as a public speaker. Since many of my speaking bookings were canceled due to the coronavirus, I have been using this time to catch up on some speaking books, further improve my offerings, and pivot to doing more online training. Here are seven tips […]

Assessing the Next Great Opportunity in HR

Given the time of year, and all the change we have been though, this is a good opportunity for HR to ask themselves- what is next? Two thoughts on how to get there: Make sure what ever you do, it is in alignment with the strategic objectives of the CEO. If you are not 100% […]