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The Gender Revolution and Equality

I just finished reading an enlightening special issue of National Geographic on Gender Revolution. Here are a few things I learned that apply to how we treat each other at work: Not everybody is wired the way you would like them to be, which can make this an uncomfortable conversation. Women have been and continue […]

My Workplaces of the Future Checklist

Over the past few years I’ve done a deep dive into where the future will be taking the workplace. I’ve even had the opportunity to do a number of presentations on it. I let people change it’s happening faster than they realize it. The changes that impacted the rust belt caused by offshoring were felt […]

Designing Your Ideal Career Plan

The beautiful Mary Kay had it right when she said “Most people plan their vacations better than their careers.” I find this an accurate statement. On the occasions when I’ve asked a group of employees how many have a career plan it is rare to have more than one out of ten respond they do. […]