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Today’s books on “emotional intelligence” fail to address half of the problem…how we feel about people and things. If you or somebody else is engaging in nonsense, no logic or intelligence is going to solve it. Because that’s not what created it!

The 40||40 Solution is your unique guide to Mastering Emotional Energy!  It is the solution to ending painful and destructive dramas, whether in the boardroom, coaching session, sales meeting, at home, or in conversations with yourself. Unlike most emotional intelligence books that focus on thinking your way through emotional problems, this book helps you learn how to feel your way through them.  So that you can feel good about yourself afterward.

When you learn The 40||40 Solution, you will be able to slay dragons, conquer fears, be a leader, sell more, share success and be happy, all without having to self-sacrifice, exhaust yourself or be out of balance. It’s your guide and path to becoming a true hero!

The 40||40 Solution is the right book for you if…

  • You ever engage in self-limiting nonsense. (Of course, you do.)
  • You ever fantasize about going to work… and having nobody to deal with that day?
  • You are exhausting yourself trying to control everything and everybody.
  • You would like the people around you to “step up to the plate”.
  • You’re having challenges making sales, even if all the logic is there for it to happen.
  • You feel stuck in your career…and things need to change.
  • You feel stuck in a relationship…and things need to change.
  • You know what you need to do…but you are still not doing it.
  • You want to be better at coaching and serving people.
  • You would like an emotional roadmap for being a great leader.


“I have been a voracious reader most of my life, particularly in the areas of leadership, management, and organizational transformation. Not much surprises me anymore. But reading The 40||40 Solution by Don Phin was an exception for me. The book provided new and powerful insights into the emotional dynamics of good leadership. In the end, leadership is about connecting and aligning with people. We can make the case that life itself is about this connection. This little book delivers the goods. Buy it. Read it. And we’ll meet you on the 40-yard lines.”

“Don Phin has worked with our company for over a decade.  The reason we keep coming back is his work continues to evolve, as he never stops learning.  The 40||40 Solution is a perfect example.  Don has a way of breaking down the complex emotional energy in relationships to basic, common sense, matter of fact thinking.  It’s like reading a guidebook on how to takes the noise out of how we communicate.  

The best takeaway from the 40/ /40 is the space it allows for co-creation.  My team has heard me say a thousand times that no one of us is smarter than any two of us.  When living in the 40||40 teamwork is fostered.”

“The 40/ /40 Solution refocuses leaders from working in your business to working on relationships in your business and encouraging others to become their own hero.  It also reframes our job to make people feel good about themselves every day. As a leader and 80%er, I did not realize the effect I can have on people who feel judged. Thank you for pointing this out Don. I know there are many others like me who could benefit from The 40||40 Solution.”

“In The 40 || 40 Solution Don Phin shows you how to apply emotional energy (yours and others) to work for you instead of against you.

To be candid, I was hesitant to read this book when I received an advance review copy. As an INTJ (Myers–Briggs), the focus on emotions seemed too “touchy feely” for me.

Yet the practicality of The 40 || 40 Solution and the common-sense psychology behind it surprised me.

I highly recommend this book!”

“Don Phin presented The 40||40 Solution to our broker clients. He’s been wowing our clients in-person and via Webinars for 17 years. Grab his new book. Catch his in-person performance. And, it’s not just for salespeople. It’s for life.”

“As an engineer, I am obsessed with efficiency. Unfortunately, I’ve learned that you can’t be efficient with humans, because of these things called ’emotions.’ The 40//40 Solution takes a practical (and engaging) approach towards understanding how to manage emotional energy for better relationships with yourself and others. Using an easy-to-understand metaphor of roles (Victim, Villain, and Hero) and percentages (the 40 || 40), the authors frame the managing of emotions in a way that even an engineer like me can understand and use.”