Assessing the Next Great Opportunity in HR

Given the time of year, and all the change we have been though, this is a good opportunity for HR to ask themselves- what is next?

Two thoughts on how to get there:

  1. Make sure what ever you do, it is in alignment with the strategic objectives of the CEO. If you are not 100% sure what they are, do not assume anything, find out.
  2. Use math to weigh the opportunities. To identify the top opportunities, look to measure the value of the matter. For example, hiring may have a higher perceived value than retention. Then measure how well you are doing that thing. For example, hiring may have a very high value but because of the efforts you made last year, you have got your hiring act together. Retention, although it has a lower value, may be so poorly managed that in the aggregate the math says that’s where you focus your efforts.

I took the time to put together a matrix you can use to discern your best opportunities. You can get the doc at (no registering required).

If you have any questions or insight you would like to share about prioritizing the HR opportunity please let me know!