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“Knowledge is not power. Only applied knowledge is power.” – Don Phin

I have five goals when I present:

  1. Be of interest. That means you address the needs of the audience.
  2. Be insightful. Give attendees awareness regarding the subject, be it management, change, leadership, emotional intelligence or compliance.
  3. Take them from abstraction to action. This means attendees need powerful strategies and tools they can take home and do something with ASAP. I love great take home value.
  4. Be entertaining! Tell stories and make them laugh. Nobody wants to go to a boring presentation.
  5. Make those people who had faith in my abilities … happy they hired me!


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Victims, Villains and Heroes- based off the book I wrote with Loy Young this is a deep dive into emotional intelligence with a great take-home approach you can use! See the flyer and handout and two minute video introduction.

The Inspired Workforce- my most common presentation, given to Vistage CEO groups. See the flyer and handout and two minute video introduction.

How to Manage the Crazy Pace of Change
Change is happening at an ever accelerating rate. The introduction of robotics and AI to the workplace is transformative. You will either become a master of change or get run over by it.  As an individual or as a company. Don shares a common sense approach to mastering this difficult challenge. Click here to see a report summarizing the workshop.

Change Mastery That Works! | Don Phin | DisruptHR Talks from DisruptHR on Vimeo.

The Hour of Power- I love doing the “Hour of Power” program for each Second Chance class. I begin by reminding the students we are all miracles. Then we talk about the power in being responsible. Finally, we discuss how to coax, encourage and inspire ourselves to success. If you would like me to do this program for your students please let me know!

Feedback from Second Chance Students

Sexual Harassment Training- I deliver this training  in way that keeps everyone’s attention and helps to reduce this all too common exposure.

Great HR Program- a full day HR extravaganza! To learn more click here.

Lynda.com/LinkedIn Training – I have created done a number of online trainings for them on employee engagement,  HR technology, the law from hire to fire and managing independent contractors. More trainings are in the works including on performance management!


I am an unabashed promoter of ThinkHR. And for good reason- it’s an awesome program with over 200 training lessons. Learn more by contacting me or going to Our ThinkHR Page

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