Dear Don, bravo on a job well done! People are still talking about how this was the best presentation they have ever experienced… I know I took nine pages of notes and will implement many of the life strategies you presented use find me to do great things and I just wanted to say I appreciate our friendship!

Mike Lopez
Vantreo Insurance, Santa Rosa, CA

Dear Don, I just returned from Florida chair retreat and was singing your praise to everyone. My members love you and had a voracious appetite over all you expose them to. Always great to work with a professional!

Harvey Gelman
Vistage Chair, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Don, thanks for working with my group this week! They got TONS of take-home value! Great job.

Ron Means
Vistage Chair. Los Angeles, CA

Dear Don, thank you for a great program. I have been in HR for 30 years and I believe that your program is the most helpful for HR professionals I have ever seen.

John McHugh
Santa Rosa, California

Don, you up for a presentation will forever stand out in my memory for two reasons; your message was "powerful" and you are the first guest speaker in my career as a Vistage Chair. I will recommend you at every opportunity.

Brian Pallus
Laguna Beach, California

Dear Don, thank you for the great learning experience that you shared with us at the align HR seminar in Wheeling West Virginia. I have since started to implement some of your teachings, so far so good! I hope to see you again next year.

Brad Shaffer
Steele and Cook Insurance Associates

Don, thank you very much for speaking with my inside group. We really enjoyed having you and I know that everyone went home with value. You're entertaining and your content was awesome

Robin. Stanaland
Vistage Chair, Texas

Hi Don, you made such a big difference in the success of our showcase – you set the perfect tone for the day and open everyone's minds (as you always open mine). It has been great working with you on this event – I hope it's just the beginning of a long association between our offices. Thank you, Don! You're the best!

Linda Culbertson
Chief Communications Officer, Palm Beach County Clerk and Comptroller

Don, I have attached a copy of a news article that appeared in our local paper. Our attendees overwhelmingly rated you very high in your presentation, substance, interaction and style! I wasn’t the least surprised. I have heard you speak at least 6 times, and I still fill up multiple pages of notes with your comments, and still very much enjoy hearing you speak. Our clients were clamoring for your return. I mean that in all sincerity. Thanks again for a great presentation. You made us look good!!”

Thomas V. Murry
CIC, President, ICI

Don, I heard lots of positive feedback from both of the sessions you gave at the AMSUG meeting. Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed your session and got great insight into human behavior that will be a benefit in both my business and personal life. Great seeing you again!

Charlotte S. Hicks CPA CIC AAI CWCA
President/CEO (Education Chair for event)

Dear Don, Thank you for your support and guidance. It’s always ‘right on the mark’. Since your session at our annual staff retreat, we have come a long way. Victims, Villains and Heroes makes so much sense, drama in the workplace is greatly diminished. Our staff loved your presentation and were totally engaged. You kept their attention and really drove points home. It had an impact. Conversations among staff are on a deeper, more meaningful level. We made tremendous growth in a very short period of time. Victims, Villains and Heroes is a powerful frame. Thank you again for your guidance.”

Bobbi DePorter
President, Learning Forum

Don, I wasn’t sure how my supervisors would react to the training today. I think we all learned a lot today. Thanks! I will highly recommend your training, it was informative! Thanks again for an inspiring and illuminating talk.

Gail Lawrence
Dasco Engineering Corp., Torrance, CA

Don, Your session on Friday was a fantastic experience! To borrow a word from the Yiddish vernacular, your presentation was a mitzvah a good deed—on so many levels. Your ears should have been burning not from the sun shining on them at the pool but rather from all the positive and enthusiastic comments that were made about you and your presentation! Everyone present learned so much from you, your experiences and your expertise! That you put the entire presentation in a context that was understood, absorbed and discussed long after you left the room is a compliment to your insight, your knowledge and your intelligence! I thank you for being so generous with your time and your talents! I also am thankful that whatever caused your epiphany to leave your lucrative law practice has brought you to this stage in your life where you are able to enlighten others in such an effective manner To paraphrase a Peanuts saying: You’re a good man, Don Phin!

Toni Pacelli-Hinkley
Executive Vice President, Builders Association of South Florida

Don, thank you very much for presenting your seminar, "Building Powerful Employment Relationships", at our recent claim managers' meeting. Everyone in attendance enjoyed the experience and feel they gained much from it. Having attended your seminar once before, I was not surprised with the positive feedback I received from my peer group. You are indeed very well informed on the subject of human resources, and you deliver your knowledge, ideas and comments in a very engaging and enthusiastic manner. There is much to be learned from you in helping us all to stay tuned to the human touch.

Ron Hoffman
Claims Manager, EMC Insurance Companies

Your system provides us with a comprehensive and thorough approach to Management and Human Resources. For the first time, we are proactively discovering problems and improvements and seeking solutions, rather than spending time “fighting fires” and doing damage control.

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