Writing and Speaking Ideas Checklist

As you probably guessed I do a great deal of writing and speaking. To check my head I use this checklist.  Hope it helps you too.

You can get a PDF of this checklist here.

  • A strong headline.
  • A strong opening sentence.
  • What is this about?
  • Who is your audience?
  • How do you hook them?- ask a question, define a problem, make a bold statement, challenge them, spook ‘em, rhetorical question, startling assertion, did you know…, provide evidence/data, be a contrarian, imagine…, a metaphor,
  • Tell a quick story. Show a picture. Create a chart.
  • What question do you want answered? What is the learning objective?
  • Why does it matter? Who is affected by it?
  • What are the learning points?
  • What’s unique about it? What’s it compare to?
  • What’s humorous about it? What’s maddening about it?
  • Is there a revelation? A breakthrough? An aha?
  • What’s the resistance, obstacle or blockage? How to overcome it.
  • Can you give something useful? A strategy, tool or resource?
  • Where’s it lead to? What’s next? Stay tuned?
  • Who’s the victim, villain or hero?
  • What’s the tipping point?
  • What’s the setting? The props?
  • Each paragraph or point 2-4 sentences.
  • Strong close. Final reminders, call to action, conviction, encouragement, “book-end” (refer back to beginning), final thought to ponder,
  • Exercise files, further learning

Here’s to pumping up your writing and speaking game.

All the best, Don


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