Float Tanks – Where Nothing Happens

I’ve got a confession to make – I’ve been floating lately! Months ago one of the Vistage presenters, Dan Miller, talked about the psychological and wellness benefits of floating. Having already been intrigued by it, his conversation was a tipping point for me to try it. I invited my wife to join me.

What an amazing experience. I already meditate but this added a physical component to it I had never experience before. Essentially you get into a large coffin shape structure that has enough salt in it to make you float (and kill anything else that might be in the water so no worries about hygiene). When you close the top of the float tank it cuts out any light or sound and only leaves ventilation behind. The only thing you can hear is your own breath and mind at work. I’m 6’3” and there was plenty of room to put my arms overhead.

I love it because it allowed me to get into a deep state quickly. I lost track of time and everything else too. After 60 minutes I came out of the float tank a renewed person. That buzz lasted for more than a day physically but even longer mentally. It cost $40 for a one hour float. Check out their website to find out more about floating. http://www.floatsanctuary.com/ Hopefully there is a place to float near you.

My wife wasn’t comfortable with the total blackness so she let some light in. She swears by the benefits of the float too. She is a chiropractor and said how good it made her body feel. It definitely relieved the stiffness in my old bones.

I have to laugh when I share the experience with people whose automatic reaction is “why would you pay to do that?” All I can do a smile in reply. Try it…and nothing will happen to you too!