HR Coaching Program

All high performers have coaches whether they be athletes, entertainers, business executives or high potential performers. Don has helped coach HR and other executives for many years.

Don has also put together a very simple and powerful HR coaching program. It begins with an assessment of strategic HR needs with monthly coaching sessions including scorecard preparation.



Career development. This has to be seen an opportunity for the HR executive for it to be effective.

Optimization of the HR opportunity through increased communication between HR and the executive team.

This is a unique opportunity. Don asks clients to sign up for at least six months to let the process bear fruit. If after that time you don’t feel it was worth your investment you can quit at any time. Hopefully we can work together for years to come!

Given his schedule, Don offers this opportunity to a limited number of companies at a time. To take advantage of it today send an email to or call at 619-852-4580 and we can set up a 15 minute call.

Initial Diagnosis

Executive team takes 15 question Survey Monkey quiz

  • CEO and HR complete new client questionnaire
  • Don to study company on Internet (website, glass door, Google, etc.)
  • HR executive to take 50 question compliance quiz
  • HR executive to take Zero Risk HR assessment
  • Don to study all the above
  • One hour session with CEO and HR
  • HR executive to create initial HR Scorecard and 90 Day Game Plan with coach
Monthly Coaching Sessions
  • HR executive to create draft HR Scorecard and 90 Day Game Plan for Don’s review
  • Bi-weekly hour coaching sessions
  • Finalize Scorecard and 90 Day Game Plan
  • Report provided to CEO and other executives
  • CEO discusses with HR in monthly meeting
Desired Results
  • Improved HR practices with bottom line results
  • Improved workplace culture and leadership
  • Career growth and fulfillment
  • Employer of Choice status

A PDF containing program fees and more info can be obtained here

Don and fellow coaching Sherpas are here to take your performance to new heights. Contact us today !

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