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Don, thank you very much for presenting your seminar, "Building Powerful Employment Relationships", at our recent claim managers' meeting. Everyone in attendance enjoyed the experience and feel they gained much from it. Having attended your seminar once before, I was not surprised with the positive

Ron Hoffman,

Claims Manager, EMC Insurance Companies

Don, Your session on Friday was a fantastic experience! To borrow a word from the Yiddish vernacular, your presentation was a mitzvah a good deed—on so many levels. Your ears should have been burning not from the sun shining on them at the pool but

Toni Pacelli-Hinkley,

Executive Vice President, Builders Association of South Florida

Don, I wasn’t sure how my supervisors would react to the training today. I think we all learned a lot today. Thanks! I will highly recommend your training, it was informative! Thanks again for an inspiring and illuminating talk.

Gail Lawrence,

Dasco Engineering Corp., Torrance, CA

Dear Don, Thank you for your support and guidance. It’s always ‘right on the mark’. Since your session at our annual staff retreat, we have come a long way. Victims, Villains and Heroes makes so much sense, drama in the workplace is greatly diminished. Our

Bobbi DePorter,

President, Learning Forum

Don, I heard lots of positive feedback from both of the sessions you gave at the AMSUG meeting. Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed your session and got great insight into human behavior that will be a benefit in both my business and personal life. Great seeing

Charlotte S. Hicks CPA CIC AAI CWCA,

President/CEO (Education Chair for event)