Ideas that Should be Retired in Human Resources
Ideas that Should be Retired in Human Resources , February 24, 2018

I love the Freakonomics podcast, especially a recent one on ideas that should be retired in science. Of course, this got me thinking about ideas that should be retired in HR. Here's my shot at it: 1. Data will give us all the answers – In the podcast they discuss the fact that relying solely on data limits our ability to go deeper into relationships and understanding. Of course, data related to hiring or turnover or performance or compliance can be valuable, but it's simply a starting point. So what if we find that most employees tend to leave... 
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Checklist for Consciously Managing a Workplace Problem
Checklist for Consciously Managing a Workplace Problem , February 23, 2018

Life would be so easy if there weren’t other people …right? And, so boring too. One of the challenges we face is getting out of our heads when facing a “problem.” Here’s how to take a more conscious approach and eliminate the drama in the process. Recognize and admit that you have a responsibility toward the situation. As Dr. Phil reminds us, there are two sides to every relationship. Have you expressed your concern appropriately? Speak of how you feel and not about “what they’ve done.” Use “I” and not “you.” Your silence is not golden so don’t wallow in... 
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Menage A Trois—Crystal, Me and You
Menage A Trois—Crystal, Me and You , February 22, 2018

In doing research on Job Security in the Techno Age, I stumbled upon a new technology known as Crystal. Crystal was just launched in its beta format and purports to give you a better way to communicate through email and other methods. Coincidentally, last week I came across a Note to Self podcast about Crystal, where Crystal’s founder, Drew D ‘Agostino, shared some interesting insights on the tool and his goals with it. Crystal scours the internet for information on you and then produces a personality profile on you with a percentage of accuracy. Since I have a decent web... 
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A Laundry List of Fun Ideas You Can Apply at Your Company
A Laundry List of Fun Ideas You Can Apply at Your Company , February 22, 2018

There are plenty of fun ways to make work enjoyable, reinforce your culture and increase retention, engagement, and productivity in the process. Here’s just a few. What fun things has your company done? Please do share! Bring your _______ to work day (dog, parent, kid, spouse, therapist). Celebrate change - bury the past in a ceremony. Assign vision, mission or value "keepers". Be a customer for a day. Bring in a motivational speaker. Community service - your employees can help in schools, shelters, with the elderly, at rescue centers, support the PBS fund drive, non-profit, create a clothing drive, sponsor... 
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Walking the Training Talk
Walking the Training Talk , February 21, 2018

I just finished reading my bi-monthly issue of Training Magazine. It highlighted the top 125 company training programs in the country. Some insights I gathered: 1. Most employees want at least two hours of training per month. If the employee desire is roughly 24 hours of training per year and they earn $50,000 then you have to deliver that training, including their cost of attendance at roughly $50 per hour, or $1200 year or 2.4% of payroll…and as you will see, that’s on the lower end of the budget for great companies. Unfortunately, less than 80% of employees get two... 
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Tip on Having a Shark Tank Contest
Tip on Having a Shark Tank Contest , February 20, 2018

"Make sure you pick good people to build your business with, as they'll determine 80 percent of your success" Barbara Corcoran Have a Company Shark Tank Contest I’m a big fan of Shark Tank. There is so much to be learned from watching that show whether you are and investor, entrepreneur or employee. First here is some of what I’ve learned from watching Shark Tank. Don’t come with just an idea. People get ideas every day, but few ever execute on them. Don’t present until you’ve had an earned income and produce a profit. Is the opportunity scalable? How much... 
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Float Tanks – Where Nothing Happens
Float Tanks – Where Nothing Happens , February 19, 2018

I've got a confession to make - I've been floating lately! Months ago one of the Vistage presenters, Dan Miller, talked about the psychological and wellness benefits of floating. Having already been intrigued by it, his conversation was a tipping point for me to try it. I invited my wife to join me. What an amazing experience. I already meditate but this added a physical component to it I had never experience before. Essentially you get into a large coffin shape structure that has enough salt in it to make you float (and kill anything else that might be in... 
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The Power of Peers
The Power of Peers , February 18, 2018

I have had the wonderful opportunity to present to over 350 Vistage CEO groups nationwide. I’ve had a firsthand opportunity to see the Power of Peers in action. Now I am a Chair for the first Vistage HR group in California. When looking to build any peer group the 5 part formula is: Select the right peers—this involves reflection on whether you are well suited for a group experience, and whether a particular group is right for you. Create a safe environment—conversations must be confidential and free from judgmentalism. Utilize a smart guide—maximizing the potential of any group depends on... 
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Leadership and Self-Deception
Leadership and Self-Deception , February 17, 2018

The book Leadership and Self Deception: Getting Out of the Box by The Arbinger Institute was a wake-up call for me. The deception is this: because my self-talk is I care my actions show I care. Not so fast. When giving presentations I challenge leaders to give me an example of how they showed someone they cared about them…and no, a paycheck doesn’t count. Usually a great deal of silence follows as they explore their memories for such an example. Some will talk about how they showed up for employees facing medical or family situations. For the rest, like it... 
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50 Thoughts from My Silent Retreat
50 Thoughts from My Silent Retreat , February 16, 2018

In the beginning of this year I was facing a turning point in my life. Having sold HRThatWorks and ended my employment with ThinkHR I now get to reinvent myself at 60. I knew I needed some “space” to get my head clear so I did a 5 day silent retreat, spending my days inside a 10 foot circle and my nights in a cabin with no TV or cellphone service. I ate nothing after the first day to help cleanse mind and body. Part of that process was to meditate every day for as long as it took to... 
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Ten Things that All Employees Want
Ten Things that All Employees Want , February 15, 2018

We spend an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out how to motivate or engage employees when the solutions have been around forever. The gap is application, not knowledge. This is not rocket science as it's probably similar to what you want for your career: A fair day's pay. A steady job. At a good company. With good co-workers. A boss that cares about them. A decent work environment. An opportunity to move ahead. Feeling like their work makes a difference. Providing financial security (benefits, 401K, etc.) for me and my family. A decent break from work! So… Do... 
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Occupy This Space
Occupy This Space , February 14, 2018

Most people reading this article go to a defined workplace every day. Even if you're a sole entrepreneur like me and consult with clients, you still have your office space, whether it's at work or home. Your environment always communicates to you. It is never not communicating. Just what is your environment communicating? How are you branding you to you? First there are the obligatory family pictures. My only suggestion is you keep them up to date. You don’t have a full head of hair and your wife is not 25 anymore. (I’m speaking of myself of course). Be in... 
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Don’t File That Lawsuit!
Don’t File That Lawsuit! , February 14, 2018

In 1983, I began my employment law practice, motivated to represent poor victimized employees and help them overthrow their dastardly, villainous bosses. I went all in. Worked 70-hour weeks, out to be the hero. At first, I took on basic cases like sexual harassment and discrimination, and by the end of my career, I was handling more sophisticated dramas like whistle-blower and glass ceiling cases. By the time I turned 30, I was divorced (Daddy wasn't home enough), and by the time I was 40, I was burnt out of litigation. And I quit. Over the ensuing 20 years, I've... 
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Ten Commandments for Inspiring Super-Forecasters
Ten Commandments for Inspiring Super-Forecasters , February 13, 2018

It’s easy to get lost trying to figure out what’s coming next. I listened to an interesting TED Podcast about risk and forecasting and then visited Phillip Telock's Ten Commandments. I encourage you to do the same Here’s my summary of the commandments: Triage - ask the critical questions at the right time. Break the problem down into manageable pieces. Balance the inside and outside views. Balance underacting and over reacting. Look for the clashing casual forces affecting each problem. Try to distinguish the many degrees of doubt as a problem permits. Strike the balance between under and over... 
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Is this the end of hugging in the workplace?
Is this the end of hugging in the workplace? , February 12, 2018

I just read an interesting 9th Circuit opinion . I can see the lawyers telling us there is now a no hugging rule in the workplace. According to the court "hugging can create a hostile or abusive workplace when it is unwelcome and pervasive". Apparently the boss in this case did way too much hugging for way too many years. Apparently the plaintiff couldn't take it anymore. She felt the hugging had sexual overtones. And maybe it did. There is a sliding scale of creepiness when it comes to hugging. And there is a personal space scale too. Most... 
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Writing and Speaking Ideas Checklist
Writing and Speaking Ideas Checklist , February 11, 2018

As you probably guessed I do a great deal of writing and speaking. To check my head I use this checklist.  Hope it helps you too. You can get a PDF of this checklist here. A strong headline. A strong opening sentence. What is this about? Who is your audience? How do you hook them?- ask a question, define a problem, make a bold statement, challenge them, spook ‘em, rhetorical question, startling assertion, did you know…, provide evidence/data, be a contrarian, imagine…, a metaphor, Tell a quick story. Show a picture. Create a chart. What question do you want answered? What... 
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The Future of Work
The Future of Work , February 10, 2018

Ask yourself this: how will AI, robots and other advanced technologies affect the future of my work or that of my loved ones? Am I prepared for it? Because it will affect us, whether you are 60 and thinking about working for at least the next 10 years or if you are 24 and just getting started in your career. In a recent blog post I shared my Workplaces of the Future Checklist. I also encourage you to watch these five TED videos discussing the subject. A renaissance -- the coming end of human work | Kevin Surace How the... 
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A Profound Conversation about Health and Thoughts on How it Affects Your Culture
A Profound Conversation about Health and Thoughts on How it Affects Your Culture , February 9, 2018

I’m a health nut and learn as much as I can about nutrition, exercise, etc. Over the years I have learned much from Dave Asprey and Bruce Lipton. This podcast is a profound conversation between two of the smartest people in health. When you listen to it think about the following: It’s all about how we produce and manage energy. While we all have our DNA’s our environment affects who we are more than anything else. First there is the mental environment. Do you have a positive mental attitude? Do you love and seek love? Do you believe? Then there... 
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There’s Always Something Else Going On
There’s Always Something Else Going On , February 8, 2018

If there’s one thing I know about your employees it is this: there is always something else going on. The workplace it not some vacuum void of external influences. After you watch this video (and you want to watch this video) think about your employees walking around like this and put these thoughts above their head: I can’t believe she is going to leave me. I can’t believe he cheated on me. I feel exhausted and depressed. My family hates me. I hate my parents. I can’t believe I have cancer. My mother just passed away. My kid is in... 
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Negotiation Strategies
Negotiation Strategies , February 7, 2018

Every day we are negotiating. Whether on a sales call, seeking a raise or dealing with our kids. I recently read James Altucher's book Reinvent Yourself and he shared what he learned about negotiating from his interview with Chris Voss, the former lead hostage negotiator for the FBI. Chris wrote a book about negotiation called Never Split The Difference. Here are negotiation strategies gathered from James' interview with Chris. Many of the same points I learned negotiating as an attorney. The most important question is to ask somebody "How?" For example "How am I supposed to get a million dollars... 
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Down Mexico Way…
Down Mexico Way… , February 6, 2018

So I was in this fun bar in Cabo and what did I see? Their motivational poster! What would happen if you hung this up at your company?
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Do You Have Your Hiring Act Together?
Do You Have Your Hiring Act Together? , February 6, 2018

“The number one secret to having a great company is to make sure your managers hire great employees.” – Jim Collins How good are you at hiring? Better than the competition? Most important how good do you want to be? Top 25%?  Top10%? Everyone tells me about how hard it is to find talent today. The mistake with that thought is the part about “finding” employees as opposed to “attracting” them. When we find our self in desperate hiring situations we can make big mistakes. We will hire somebody we like just so we can get it over with…and go... 
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What Will You Do to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone?
What Will You Do to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone? , February 5, 2018

“Only the mediocre are ever truly comfortable.” Paulo Coelho "If it's not hard, it's soft." - Ice Cube.It is soooo easy to get comfortable. On the couch…and with your job, your company, your marriage, your health, etc. We all seek comfort and security. It feels so safe. Like being cradled. But… it is a trap! It’s how you grow old and irrelevant…at any age. It will deaden your motivation, engagement and drive. It will eliminate the dreams of your youth. You will become a zombie…in your comfortableness. Breathing all right; but not alive. When we are too comfortable for too... 
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How do you know if training produces results?
How do you know if training produces results? , February 4, 2018

W. Edwards Deming was once quoted as saying "Don't ask me the ROI on training, you either believe that education has the greatest form of leverage or you do not." His point is this: when you are in a knowledge economy the most learned win. But that's only one part of the equation…isn't it? It's also about taking action on that knowledge. The implementation and production of results matters too. As I like to say …from abstraction to action! Here are questions to consider when trying to answer the results question. Do you give employees a way to rank or... 
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Are You a “Negative Hero”
Are You a “Negative Hero” , February 3, 2018

I know sometimes I am. I know there are times when my intentions are good…but my outcomes are not. That’s what a “negative hero” is. Think about your parents for a minute. When you were a kid their intentions were good (they did love you after all) but many times they were too critical, judgmental and punishing. It seemed all they could focus on is where we didn’t do something 100% right…according to their rules. As we got older and more independent the result wasn’t submission anymore… but a fight or flight response. And they lost part of us in... 
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Every HR Problem Becomes a Sales Problem
Every HR Problem Becomes a Sales Problem , February 2, 2018

I speak to a lot of business owners. I do my best to help them understand there is great opportunity in Great HR. I also let them know somebody has to pay for poor HR practices and eventually that somebody is the sales team. Think of it this way - you just had to fire or lost a $50,000 a year employee. Based on my experience it will cost your roughly $50,000 to replace that employee. There's a lot of variance in that figure depending on whether they were a poor performer or a great performer, took people with them... 
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The Change is Coming, the Change is Coming!
The Change is Coming, the Change is Coming! , February 1, 2018

Sometimes change can feel like some monster lurking in the deep, ready to pounce on us in an instant. Nice calm day one moment, disruption the next. People are in fact losing jobs…and companies… to AI and robotics and other technologies. But it should come as no surprise. Woe be the unprepared. (I think that was the Boy Scout motto) Are you prepared for the change coming your way? Have you given serious thought to how these technologies are lurking up behind your business or career? To help you I have summarized a presentation I give on this topic. Click... 
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10 Ideas for Hiring Great Employees
10 Ideas for Hiring Great Employees , January 31, 2018

We had such a good response to my post on 10 HR Ideas that I decided to shoot a quick video sharing 10 ideas for hiring great employees. What would you add to the list? Which idea will you try? Thanks for your patience. I appreciate those of you who let me know I needed to do some editing…and fast!
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Here’s 10 Great HR Ideas You Can Use Today
Here’s 10 Great HR Ideas You Can Use Today , January 30, 2018

I love creativity. Disruption. Differentiation. In fact, I’m going to be the MC for the next DisruptHR meeting in San Diego. HR has a great opportunity to break past the status quo and to test new theories, strategies and tools. Here’s 10 ideas I came up with. What would you add to the list? Do tell! 1. Request every job application to submit a joke with their resume. I am serious about this. If they don’t do so they can’t follow instructions and you don’t hire them.  Then there are those who will provide jokes that put them on the... 
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When Suicide Hits Close to Home
When Suicide Hits Close to Home , January 29, 2018

I sense there is a lot of fear and depression going on. And…it can’t be ignored. While I have never entertained the thought of suicide, that’s not been the case for so many others. And… it’s been hitting close to home the last few years. A 13-year old boy, who was the younger brother of my son's friend, committed suicide last month because he got himself in trouble and feared the judgement that would come with it. This was a sweet boy who had many a sleep over at our house. Four years ago, my dear cousin committed suicide leaving... 
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Managing the Good Performer Gone Bad
Managing the Good Performer Gone Bad , January 28, 2018

Employees are wonderful... until they are not. Often, employees become derailed because of personal challenges or changes in their work environment or roles. When looking at poor performance check your head by asking these questions. Is it the fault of the system? – As Deming said, “the system is the problem!”. Is this person mismatched? Round peg in a square whole? Has their job "moved past them"? Are they getting the support they used to get or need? Is there a skills gap that can be cured by training? Are they being managed any differently? Perhaps a new boss, or... 
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Managing the Emotions of Change
Managing the Emotions of Change , January 27, 2018

Months ago I had the opportunity to present at DisruptHR on managing the emotions of change. You get 20 slides and 5 minutes to do it! Remember the magic words- coax, encourage and inspire!
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5 Great Hiring Tools
5 Great Hiring Tools , January 26, 2018

For many years I’ve been a HR tool maker. Here’s a video about using 5 of my favorites to help with hiring great employees! And, the tools are yours to get below. What hiring tools have you created?   Here are your 5 Free Tools: Hiring CheckList Our Hiring Process FAQ Conditional Offer of Employment Entrance Interview 60 Day New Employee Survey
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17 Blockages to Being a Great Executive
17 Blockages to Being a Great Executive , January 26, 2018

“First remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother’s eye.” Matthew 7:5 All humans have their baggage, blind spots and blockages. Unless we recognize and work on them, they can sabotage our careers and relationships. Having been an employment lawyer, investigator and executive coach I’ve experienced…and been guilty of…some of the following. Acting out of integrity - It is difficult to salvage an executive who acts out of integrity. I usually advise employers to fire those executives. Because you cannot trust them. Trust is a delicate... 
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Training that Works Checklist
Training that Works Checklist , January 25, 2018

“Learning is not compulsory... neither is survival.”  ― W. Edwards Deming We are in a knowledge economy. Training and building a learning culture is compulsory for survival. Use this checklist to make sure you consider all the training variables. Please add to the checklist anything overlooked. Remember, your training goals should be Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic and Timed. Identify Company Needs/Goals /Strategy Adapt to change Build managerial and leadership skills Budgetary realities Compliance and Safety Conflict management Cross-training Delegation Effective meetings Ergonomics Fill specific skills gaps Financial education/open book management/budgeting Improve company culture Improve overall employee engagement and retention Improve... 
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Everything you need to know about Managing Employees on an Index Card
Everything you need to know about Managing Employees on an Index Card , January 25, 2018

I must admit - I got the idea for this index card after listening to a podcast with Howard Pollack, a professor from University of Chicago, who said that everything you needed to know about building your financial wealth can be written on an index card. The card went viral and he followed up with a book to explain it. So, I challenged myself to figure out what I would put on an index card for managing employees after 30 years being in the field. Here's my index card. If you can’t read the index card it says: 10 Rules... 
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Can You Be Free Having a Job?
Can You Be Free Having a Job? , January 24, 2018

Jim Altucher is one of my favorite writers. In a recent blogpost, he did his usual spiel about ditching your job so you can free yourself. Challenge is most executives I know have a job and aren’t ready to leave it. Can you be free having a job? is the question he challenges us with. I wouldn’t know. I have had a boss for only four years out of a forty-year career. But I know this: I’ve seen executives “free” in their work and it’s a beautiful sight! Here’s what Altucher’s says about the Zones we can find ourselves in: “There’s the COUCH... 
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How Would You Define Your Company in a Few Words to Job Seekers?
How Would You Define Your Company in a Few Words to Job Seekers? , January 23, 2018

I believe in the importance of branding the employment opportunity. That’s why I found the directory of tech employers on TechMeme to be interesting. Some of them make sense to me; a few don’t at all. I wonder how they come up with and test these branding themes. If you ignore the company names, which ones attract your interest? Why? What would you put for your company’s theme? While it is important to frame what work your company does, I would also put something about the employee experience… especially on a hiring page! Do you think any of these are cool enough... 
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Getting the Blockages Out of the Way of Great HR
Getting the Blockages Out of the Way of Great HR , January 22, 2018

For years I have been preaching the opportunity in Great HR. When I do my CEO workshops, I show the financial logic behind the opportunity. I have business owners understand that every HR problem becomes a sales problem. And yet HR still has difficulty getting traction. In this article, I will talk about where the real opportunity lies… and that is getting the blockages out of the way. I have heard executive after executive tell me how to have a difficulty finding talent, and then I go to their website, and there's not a word about finding talent. When we... 
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List of Things That I am Grateful For
List of Things That I am Grateful For , January 21, 2018

Sometimes life hands us challenges, and we can become focused on the negatives. One of my practices to counteract that pressure is to constantly remind myself of how lucky I am… and the things I am grateful for. I put these 25 things I am grateful for on colorful index cards and run through them on a daily basis. What would you put on your cards? What if this was a practice of your work team and family too? Expressing what we are grateful for might be a good way to start a meeting or family dinner. I am grateful... 
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Building Your Conversational Capacity
Building Your Conversational Capacity , January 20, 2018

I went to an excellent Vistage Chair Group meeting and was treated to the presentation Conversational Capacity by Craig Weber. Craig comes from an organizational design and psychology background and has presented to Vistage groups more than a thousand times. He works with large teams trying to improve their performance under pressure. Craig asked the question “do really smart people in your company get to use their smarts?” The problem is often they don't. That reality crystalizes when a group is under pressure. Craig uses the term "the sweet spot" where one's position is clearly identified, supported by facts and... 
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What I Can Control
What I Can Control , January 19, 2018

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. I can control… What my “story” is What my values and goals will be How well I plan my career and life in general Who my friends are If I “make my day” by planning it the night before When I get up every day What I do first thing when I get up If I choose to exercise or meditate or both If I connect with my family and tell them I love them... 
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Maybe leadership should do something about HR… like supporting it.
Maybe leadership should do something about HR… like supporting it. , January 18, 2018

I've been around the HR and leadership block. For decades it seems like I've read a dozen articles in business publications blasting HR for every article that praises it. There is great opportunity in great HR. The results of Great HR practices fall directly to the bottom line. I've coached dozens of HR executives and spoken to thousands of CEOs. Most leadership does a poor job of supporting HR executives. Most CEO’s don’t want to manage the HR executive. So they pass it off to a CFO or COO, who are not exactly enamored with the HR function either. How... 
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Wellness…Where Do We Go from Here
Wellness…Where Do We Go from Here , January 17, 2018

It seems as if the idea of wellness has hit a brick wall. Its vast promise has not materialized, other than in unique circumstances. I think the greatest challenge, to paraphrase Lincoln, is that most people (me included) are about as healthy as they choose to be. Click here to read a report I wrote on the next steps for wellness. Here’s to your health, Don
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Humor that Works
Humor that Works , January 8, 2018

My good friend Drew Tarvin allowed me to share his humor cheat sheet. You can access here Life is too short not to have fun while you work!
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Visualization Techniques for Success
Visualization Techniques for Success , December 25, 2017

Here are some tried and true techniques for visualizing your future!
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15 Ideas for Better Time Management
15 Ideas for Better Time Management , December 24, 2017

He who every morning plans the transactions of that day and follows that plan carries a thread that will guide him through the labyrinth of the most busy life. ― Victor Hugo I’ve done deeps dives into time management. Here are 15 ideas to help you better manage your time: Automate It If a function can be automated then do it. Everything from appointment setting to staying in touch with customers. Chunk It Down Many executives feel overwhelmed and stressed. This is because they keep thinking about how much there is to get done. Know this: busy people never get... 
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Balanced Checkup
Balanced Checkup , December 23, 2017

Are You Staying in Balance? Click here to take a look at an approach to staying balanced which can change your life…as it did mine. Here’s to a better sense of balance, Don PS Planning any fun/cool office parties for the holidays? Please do share!
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It’s All About Work
It’s All About Work , December 22, 2017

Today’s Political Turmoil- It's All About Work When I step back from this current election and crazy world events, it strikes me that there are a lot of angry, fearful people. In a recent quiet moment I had an epiphany- I believe all has to do with work and the most basic of human needs. The first two rungs of Maslow’s needs ladder are survival and security.  Very simply in order to survive, humans have to do work. If you can’t work what use are you? Why do we even want you in this tribe? When I look around the... 
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Optimism – An Essay by Helen Keller (1903)
Optimism – An Essay by Helen Keller (1903) , December 18, 2017

When looking at world news it is easy to get depressed about the future. More conflict, more environmental damage, widening disparities in wealth and opportunity.  Where is the good news? Fact is, there is plenty of it if you look for it. In 2009 I was searching for some inspiration I came across this wonderful essay by Helen Keller. And, it was just the right medicine. Deaf, dumb and blind…and still an optimist! After reading it I was reminded I have no real problems, only a bruised ego now and again. And I’ve read this every year since…so I don’t... 
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Who’s Happy at Work?
Who’s Happy at Work? , December 17, 2017

To work we love, with delight we go. William Shakespeare There has been much discussion about happiness, engagement, inspiration and those other “soft” attributes of work. We are constantly reminded of the Gallup survey indicating 72% of employees are disengaged. According to a Money Magazine poll roughly 54% of those surveyed said their job is "okay”, 26% said “they can't stand it” and 20% felt it was their “dream gig”. Other surveys talk about what jobs have the happiest workers, what cities have the happiest workers, and how much you have to earn to be happy. Is anybody happy yet?... 
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Is the 40 Hour Work Week Dying?
Is the 40 Hour Work Week Dying? , December 16, 2017

Last month I was presenting to Vistage CEO's in Houston and one of them asked me about the idea proposed by one of her employees they should reconsider the 40-hour work week. She said she was given an article from Inc. magazine discussing it.  So on my flight back to San Diego from that meeting I read the article "Blowing Up The Work Week" in the December 2016 issue of INC Magazine. Forbes wrote an article on it too. Oh yeah, and so did Money /CNN , and WSJ, and every other major news and business outlet. Here’s my two... 
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The Gender Revolution and Equality
The Gender Revolution and Equality , December 15, 2017

I just finished reading an enlightening special issue of National Geographic on Gender Revolution. Here are a few things I learned that apply to how we treat each other at work: Not everybody is wired the way you would like them to be, which can make this an uncomfortable conversation. Women have been and continue to be in struggle for equality with men. Many people who are "different" have a biological reason for being that way. It's who they are. There should be no reason that people must hide who they are because of your judgment about them. Research suggests... 
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My Workplaces of the Future Checklist
My Workplaces of the Future Checklist , December 14, 2017

Over the past few years I’ve done a deep dive into where the future will be taking the workplace. I’ve even had the opportunity to do a number of presentations on it. I let people change it’s happening faster than they realize it. The changes that impacted the rust belt caused by offshoring were felt slowly. The changes coming now will be felt fast, driven by technology. As I remind folks “you either eat technology or you get eaten by technology. Consider my checklist and how these forces will change your workplace. Workplaces of the Future Checklist               Are you preparing... 
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Designing Your Ideal Career Plan
Designing Your Ideal Career Plan , December 13, 2017

The beautiful Mary Kay had it right when she said "Most people plan their vacations better than their careers." I find this an accurate statement. On the occasions when I've asked a group of employees how many have a career plan it is rare to have more than one out of ten respond they do. Everyone else spends more time planning their escapes than their career. This business about career planning is true no matter your level at the company. Business plan, department plan, marketing plan…of course. Personal career plan…probably not. Q: Why bother making a career plan? A:  You... 
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