Speaking FAQs

Q: What is your most commonly requested program?

A: Building Powerful Employment Relationships; Social Media Risks and Victims, Villains and Heroes are the most commonly requested training programs. They touch on hiring, retention, leadership, communication, performance management, and emotional intelligence. When given for an individual company or group, the program is manipulated to meet their specific needs.
When I give a keynote presentation, it is specifically related to the program at hand. For example, I gave a keynote for the Palm Beach County Clerk’s Office who just won the governor’s Sterling Award. The title was “Where Do We Go From Here?” with the goal being to help continue on their journey toward excellence. (Here’s a video recording of that presentation)

Q: What types of workshops and training sessions do you offer?

A: See the links to the left.

Q: Are you flexible about your title and content?

A: Yes, I am, but…there’s a reason why I use those titles and that content. Having said that, I am always willing to adapt my materials to the needs of the audience at hand. For example, one of the workshops I did on performance management had its title changed to The Magic of Performance because of a “magical” theme for the entire conference. I am also greatly appreciative that one size does not fit all. Some associations consist of large employers, where others are more entrepreneurial in nature. I’ll work with the client to adjust the presentation accordingly.

Q: What else do we, or can we, get in addition to your program?

A: To begin with, all participants get plenty of take home material. I also have plenty of materials that can be sold at a discount, given as a raffle item, or included as part of the workshop fee. The most common items I work with are access to the HR That Works program and providing the Victims, Villains and Heroes book.

Q: What about post-workshop follow up?

A: That depends on the needs and desires of the organization. I have engaged in follow up training, follow up implementation efforts, follow up coaching, and the like. Since I am a big believer in execution, follow up is very important.

Q: Can you provide me with references?

A: Absolutely. I invite you to follow up with any organizations that I have spoken to set forth in my speaking schedule and I can also provide you with a book of testimonials. Either way I want you to be assured that you’re hiring the best.

Additional Considerations:

•I will provide you with a brief video you can use to market the program.

  1. To see an example of a customizable landing page we will create for your
  2. event click here.

•I will provide you with a master handout file so that you can place it on your website.

•You have the right to record and distribute the presentation to your organization.

•I want to know the company or organization I am speaking for and will do surveys, phone calls, rent a bridge line, or anything else necessary to properly address your needs.

•I am most willing to attend any social functions immediately before or after my presentation.

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