Employee Handbook Generation & Review

Most of today’s employee handbooks are formalistic and clouded with legalese. When we help design employee handbooks, we do so with the philosophy that it is the most powerful form of written communication in your workplace. Our focus is on empowering the work force while at the same time protecting management from today’s most common employee claims.

You will learn how your company can get its employees to “own” the employee handbook, so that it becomes a living document. If you already have an employee handbook in place, we can review it and provide recommendations. Lastly, we have created a relationship with a graphic design team which can bring your employee handbook to life. Please e-mail or call (800)234-3304 for a free quote on these services.

Attention: Start Up and Growing Companies

Depending on your willingness to do some “upfront” work, we have a special program that is especially designed for you. We will provide you free software and instruction for creating a draft employee handbook. We will then review your final draft for only $997.00! That’s less than one-quarter of what most firms charge for creating an employee handbook. Please e-mail or call (800)234-3304, if you are interested in this program. Click here to purchase the do-it-yourself online Employee Handbook.

See a sample of the handbook we did for the San Gabriel Valley YMCA

Note  Employee Handbook software comes with the HR That Works program.

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